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What is a class action lawsuit?

A Class action lawsuit is basically a type of lawsuit that allows a group of people, who are associated with each other due to a mutual concern in an issue, to sue or be sued together as a unit.

Filing Mesothelioma class action lawsuit
Filing of mesothelioma class action lawsuits became familiar with the masses as soon as the awareness of mesothelioma was made public. In such a Mesothelioma lawsuit, groups of the mesothelioma patients together raise claims in the court against the class of defendants, which usually involve either the asbestos products manufacturing company or the company initially responsible for the asbestos exposure.

Who can file a mesothelioma class action lawsuit?
A group of people diagnosed with a similar case of mesothelioma can file a lawsuit in the court against the defendant company/s essentially responsible for the exposure to asbestos.

Why file a class action lawsuit?
As the awareness and knowledge relating to the mesothelioma cancer commonized globally, with escalating ratio of diagnosed cases; filing of claims against the asbestos concerned companies also paced up. Quite possibly the court may be piled up with a number of cases sharing similar key features at the same time – as happened in the last quarter of 20th century, when the families of two late workers (asbestos mesothelioma patients), raised
allegations against Goodyear to be responsible for their kin’s death due to asbestos exposure. However, both the cases, being very much alike, were merged and were prosecuted together by the court. Instead of considering each of the several mesothelioma cases individually, the court is likely to prefer looking at all the cases – with similar claims and legal actions required – with a single eye and thus prosecuting them together under the label of ‘mesothelioma class action lawsuit’

However, the fact remains that lawsuits have not occurred frequently in the past. This is due to the fact that a person has considerable fewer controls and authority in a class action lawsuit than in individual cases. In a class action lawsuit, the lawyers focus towards multiple patients and their issues; which is why each patient would only be served to some extent and not be satisfied completely as the lawyers would be representing the interest of several people.

Under what circumstances this lawsuit is filed?
The class action lawsuit of mesothelioma is only filed by those people who are believed to be associated with each other having mesothelioma cancer caused by asbestos related products in similar particulars and circumstances and whose details of the cases are alike to a great scope.

However, in cases where there are sufficient similarities between the group members filing a lawsuit; filing of separate mesothelioma lawsuits seems impractical, onerous and unfeasible. In such an instance, the court favors the litigation to be combined.

How to decide?
When the decision to file a lawsuit against the responsible party is finalized, it is essential that the patient seeks specialized advice from the mesothelioma attorneys. The experienced and professional lawyers will guide the person whether his case has met the criterion of filing a class action lawsuit or he has to go with filing a separate case.

How to withdraw?
Should a person choosing to file a class action lawsuit change his mind towards filing an individual case for himself; he can literally look up to it because there is always a possibility for that. The specialized mesothelioma attorney will guide the person through and will acquaint him with the terms of lawsuit withdrawal.

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