Lung Mesothelioma

Treating Mesothelioma

Male doctor at work in public medical clinic and examining x-ray plates of bones, skull and lungs

Treating Mesothelioma

Treating Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma can be classified as an uncommon form of cancer that poses a big threat to a person’s life. Currently, the disease is known not to bear any permanent cure but just some technical and sophisticated treatment options that are meant to reduce the pain and prolong the life expectancy of a patient. Nevertheless, doctors and researchers are working hard to establish a cure, but there are various modes of treatment that are currently in use as far as reducing pain and other effects of mesothelioma are concerned.

The mesothelioma cure present today involves a series of sophisticated treatments that involve the following:

1. Mesothelioma surgery. The recent research findings have enabled doctors to develop more on the extensive surgeries that are meant to significantly increase the survival rate of mesothelioma patients. The various mesothelioma surgeries are carried out depending on the type of mesothelioma. The mesothelioma surgeries can be classified as follows: extrapleural pneumonectomy {this surgery involves the removal of the whole affected lungs}; Pleurectomy {this surgery involves the removal of pericardium}.

2. Mesothelioma radiation treatment. This process involves the use of radiation to eliminate all the affected cells. Mesothelioma radiation can be either external or internal. It is customary that mesothelioma radiation is accompanied by a secondary treatment option such as the chemotherapy regimen. Moreover, there is a third mode of radiation treatment that involves the insertion of radioactive elements straight to the affected body organ (lungs or heart).

3. Mesothelioma chemotherapy. This mode of mesothelioma cure is not permanent. However, it is meant to provide some relief to the condition. The major aim of chemotherapy is to reduce the effect of mesothelioma and prolong the survival rate of a patient. Chemotherapy is usually followed by chemotherapy medications which include of pills and injections. There at least three mesothelioma chemotherapy procedures, namely; combined modality chemotherapy, Neoadjuvant chemotherapy, and Palliative chemotherapy.

The above are the three major treatment options for mesothelioma patients. However, these treatment options are not actually mesothelioma cure, they just play the role of reducing pain as well as reducing the effects mesothelioma leaves n the various body organs. The advanced forms of mesothelioma are referred to as malignant mesothelioma. Malignant mesothelioma is diagnosed and treated in the same form as the way other cancers are treated. Ideally, there is no known cure that can completely eradicate mesothelioma from a patient’s body. So, all the above mesothelioma treatment options are considered as curative measures of mesothelioma.


The elderly say; prevention is better than cure. So, as a learned person, you are required to carry out strong preventive measures as far as causes of mesothelioma are concerned. This follows that; individuals should try as much as possible to avoid working in environments that are full of asbestos. Such environments as construction sites, mining area, boiling companies, asbestos manufacturing firms and so on. Moreover, one can possibly get the best mesothelioma cure/ treatment options that will not

only prolong his or her survival rate but offer him or her necessary strength of accomplishing everyday activities at ease.



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